Friday, February 17, 2006

Lloyd Dobler

In June 2005, I wrote a post about Jake Ryan because there were a couple of articles talking about this apparent movie icon's place in the hearts of women everywhere. Well, this morning, it was carried Lloyd Dobler!

Last time I didn't much lament the lack of a Jake Ryan in my life, and there will be no lamentations this time either, because as life would have it, I did, once upon a time, have a Lloyd Dobler.

Out of respect for the guy, I won't name him here, and really, it was so long ago, I enjoy the perks of being able to look back on it with a fond little smile on my face that no one quite understands. He was different, quirky even, and though he was more pessimistic than our hero Lloyd, but there was that recognizable spark in him, an endearing sensitivity and vulnerability wrapped up in hope. He definitely was set apart from all the other guys, and not that many people really understood why I dated him, but he was a wonderful opportunity I just couldn't pass up.

You know, as much as the girl in me wants those Hollywood moments, the sweeping gestures that make us swoon, the woman in me has put away those Hollywood moments in favour of the fun of reality. A grand gesture every once in a while is fine, it's even needed, but I love the everyday little things that I have with Rod. Last night for instance, Rod and I had a sock tossing fight, and I attacked him while playing was good laughs, and it was 100% Hollywood necessary.

So, I raise my glass to my Lloyd Dobler, wherever he is. Thanks for the memories!


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