Sunday, November 27, 2005

Insomnia much?

It's about 3:45 am now, and I' ve been awake for about an hour now. I'm sick with a nasty little cold, I haven't slept well in like, weeks, and I'm grumpy as all hell.

I'm not sure what woke me up, but I think I started generating lists in my head along the lines of the software I use at work, categorizing those in the lives of Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I. Which got my mind going on the idea of religions, and specifically, I got drafting a letter in my head to the Catholic Archdiosese in the NWT in regards to returning some old and perfectly useless sacramental certificates. When I tried to think of soothing music in my head to put me to sleep, I started thinking about how I desparately want to sign Rod and I up for tango lessons, which brought me to sketching out a rough idea of a personally-chereographed dance in my head, which finally brought me to the movie "Loverboy" (1989) starring Patrick Dempsey, which compelled me to get out of bed and come online to see if I was the only looney who would put it on their wishlist.

And hell, since I was online, might as well complain to the whole world of like, 6 people who still read this blog that MY BRAIN WON'T LET ME SLEEP! And people wonder why I have trouble sleeping through the nights anymore. It's because once that stupid lump of gray matter in my head starts firing on all cylinders, I'm stuck in waking mode when I ought to be in sleep mode. Especially now when I'm sick and should be resting. I left work at lunch on Friday because I was sick, and now I find myself unable to get the necessary rest I need to return to work Monday Morning in better condition. Which means I lose money because I haven't yet reached the 6 month end of probation, at which time I start earning sick days. Can anyone tell me in what universe it makes sense that I can receive full medical/dental/life insurance benefits from my employer a full 3 months before I can receive sick days? Seriously...I'm already receiving health benefits to assist me in times of illness, but I can't take a paid sick day before January 25th?

FUCK! Enough already stupid brain! Let me sleep!


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