Monday, November 28, 2005

Here we go again...

It's probably for the best that I don't in fact own a BB gun with which to shoot stupid people in the ass when they annoy me. I'd run out of Ammo at a time like this.

By now, only dead Canadians don't know that the Liberals have been brought down by the Opposition non-confidence motion, and us Non-dead Canadians are being forced back to the polls, where we will undoubtedly return another Minority Government, barring some miracle or distaster, depending on your point of view. It was doomed to happen of course, but what pisses me off the most is that it's happening now. I'll now have to spend my holidays working on a campaign.

Look, it's absolutely no secret that I abhor the 3 stooges, Jackie, Stevie and Paulie. I've been saying it since 2003. Time to bloody well clean house, get rid of these three freaks and install leaders who don't invoke revulsion in the Canadian Electorate. Gilles can stay, he may be anti-Canada, but he's an astute, intelligent man, and he's a far better choice to lead the BQ then some of the others I've read about. But I've always distrusted Paul Martin, I think Stephen Harper is the spawn of evil, and the Opportunist Jack Layton has some serious credibility issues in terms of professional ethics.

So I propose that Canadians write in to vote for their favourite candidates. And if you want to see Canada's first verbal bitchslap delivered in Parliament, Vote for Fancy C. Poitras.


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