Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Non-drinker's Hangover

Welcome to Fancy's 2005. So far, it's okay.

Rewind to yesterday. I know. It was a whole year ago. I spent all morning ironing Rod's pants, and then I spent an hour ironing my silver dress. I decided to wear the black one instead. I did up my hair and make up and DAMN if I wasn't looking good. I woulda tried to pick myself up if I could. Rod looked good too of course, cause I made him suit up.

We hit a few bumps in the plans, but otherwise, we managed to get Jette and Derek over to the Coast Terrace Inn alright, where we met with Lori and Rob, and Hillary and Glen. An older couple rounded out our table. The buffet was good and the 18-piece orchestra was very good. Rod and I got some dancing in and at midnight, it just felt good to be doing something more grown up than sitting around in jeans, watching people get drunk. It was an excellent evening.

Fast forward to today. I woke up early because Rod was snoring so much, and when I tried to go for a nap after he woke up, the cats were being pests. I have a headache caused by neck pain, and I'm still tired. Who knew doing my hair and spending all the time looking up at Rod on the dance floor would result in such pain? But I wouldn't take back any of last night. It was well worth it.

Tonight, it's on to Jette's for a game night, so no rest for the weary.


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