Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The tangled web of debt

Today I got a letter from the friendly neighbourhood Student Loans people telling me that they are forgiving another $2000 in student loans, bring my debt with them to just below $30,000. Yay! But then you have to add my student line of credit and my credit card, and I'm at about $45,000 overall. Still, not bad for 8 years of education. Sure, I've had free years, and years when I didn't work, and so on, but still, I can handle $45,000 better than I could $55,000. At this rate, I'll be out of student debt in time to still be fertile enough to keep at least one child after selling the rest to make payments.

See, Rod and I have a plan. We are just going to have kids and consign them to our debtors. Our first 2 children will be for Student loans, so we'll call them "NSLSC" and "CIBC student loans". Our 3rd child will be "CIBC Lines of Credit". Our 4th will be "CIBC Visas". Then from there, we just may be able to keep one or something. That's the plan. Good old capitalism.

In other news, Rod got his passport today, and his black and white photo looks so dark, you can hardly tell it's him. Also, he sort of got the ghetto treatment. When I got my passport, I received some little pamphlets talking about security features and offering the contact info for overseas consulates and embassies. Rod just got the passport. Not that he minds, because he now has a passport!

And thinking about it, it's just 32 more days until we jet off to Cancun. Driving home tonight, it hit me...we're just a month away, and we are so not prepared. It's time to start lining up some money, cat sitters, travel insurance, etc. Like, wow. It's real. Which means that the clock is also ticking on getting everything set up for New York. I think our flights are booked, but I can't afford to pay right now. Also I have to pay for my one class next semester, and no one's hiring until at least January because the Holidays have closed many offices and businesses.

Yahoo for money. The only thing about my life I simaltaneously love and hate with such intense passion.


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