Thursday, December 23, 2004

The things we do for love

I'm still pretty sure that Rod doesn't read this blog, but all the same, I won't get specific about his present. I'm just sooooo close to finally finishing with this current labour of love which will likely end up gathering dust in a box somewhere, but nonetheless, I guess I'm okay with that.

Quick welcome to Chris (aka. Chrissafur, Bitchtopher), who spied the location of this blog. He never did find the first one, but then, no one knew where it was except me and Olaf. Anyways, welcome aboard Chris, here's the warning: anyone who piques me is fair game, because even psychos like me need a place to vent. :-)

We got some early xmas presents last night. I got Pooh pajamas (pyjamas, whatever), a book about Anne Frank, the newest Anne Frank movie DVD, and pooh socks. Oh yes, and a black Santa hat. >:-)

It's two days before xmas
and all through the house
little kitties are stirring
and chasing a faux mouse
The Stockings aren't hung
because nobody cares
no carols have been sung
because nobody dares
We have no kids nor extra beds
we don't know what goes on in our cats' heads
And Rodney in his CK's and I in Pooh pants
try to avoid "Happy Holidays" rants
and I'm spent. I've reached my limits of creativity today. So much creative genius on Rod's present, not enough left over to finish a clever little Fancy rendition of Twas the night before Christmas.
I'm quite excited though because Peggy, my old friends from high school, called to arrange a little meeting after about 4 or 5 years without contact. Peggy is one of a kind...she and Erika gave me towels and a frying pan when I graduated high school. Peggy was by far the most understanding about everything as it really happened in Camrose. I was even staying at her place in Calgary when I got my tattoo and when I let Nikki talk me into going down there to stalk Chris at The Rev. Lots of memories with Peggy.
Anyways, I need to go finish with some stuff. So, later to all my dedicated fans! (You have to make the little people feel special, like they put you where you are)


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