Saturday, December 25, 2004

Because I'm in high demand...

It seems that half of my readership has been urgently calling for an update about the continuing X-mas saga, so here goes.

On Thursday, I did get over to see Peggy, and we had a nice visit. She got married in September and her husband seems like a very nice guy, which I'm glad to know because I've got this crazy thing about wanting the best for my friends. We had a light supper and watched 'The Gods must be Crazy 2'

Yesterday the trek to Vegreville consumed most of the day. Rod and I needed to run errands in the city before we picked up Marie. We went to pick up Cory, but Cory was very sick, so he stayed home. The drive out was a thrilling ride, full of snow-covered farm fields. In the dark. Joy.

We finally arrived at Rod's Parent's house and I was concerned that yet again, the house would be overrun with teenagers. One of Harry's cousins is a minister or a minister-in-training or whatever, and he routinely arrives with an entourage of children beyond his own, but last night, we were spared. We were also spared a lengthy supper prayer (aka. A SERMON in lieu of Grace), though I managed to find a place to hide so that I wouldn't be spotted in plain sight rolling my eyes.

The family sort of tries to stick to that whole "no-meat" thing that Ukrainian Catholocism prescribes, but they always have some Turkey or Chicken set aside for me because I dislike the Ukrainian palate. Well, the Turkey by then was quite dry, and when I looked at the gravy, I was incredibly dismayed to find that it was *loaded* with mushrooms, which I'm allergic to. Not impressed. Needless to say, I could have done better than corn niblets and rice for supper. Anyways, we did the gift thing, and then I hurried Rod out of there because I couldn't stand being stuck in that smoke-filled house anymore. I felt like I was getting a tumor in the back of my throat just sitting there.

We went to bed early and woke up around 9 am this morning. We unwrapped our presents. I got:

-2 copies of U2's 'How to dismantle an atomic bomb', because Rod and my sister didn't communicate with each other.
-The DVDs: Aladdin, Soapdish,
-The Books: Autobiography of a Geisha, Bridget Jones: the edge of reason
-Another Eveline Charles gift card
-a nice sweater set from my parents
-a Get Fuzzy desk calendar

Rod Got:
-Polar Bear track pants from my parents
-DVDs: Total Recall, True Lies, Entrapment, Bad Boys
-The Surprise gift...

His surprise gift was a small scrapbook highlighting the story of our relationship. He quite enjoyed the little trip down memory lane, and now he understands what I was working so hard on.

We hightailed it over to my Brother's place for a nice brunch and the chance to be together for Christmas, and things even got somewhat sorted out with my Parents and my sister, so all around, the day wasn't complete atrocious, but then, it just seemed like a normal day. I guess I just don't understand the big deal. Not a big thing for me.

Anyways, now, on to my favourite holidays...Boxing Day sales and New Year's Eve.


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