Friday, December 03, 2004

Let's try this again

I've tried to post updates twice since last weekend and in both instances, has spat them back out and refused to post them. Now everyone's a critic.

Anyways, the jist of it is this:

-3 more papers to write, not including the International Ethics take-home final
-Wrote and handed in the Arctic History paper and did NOT check it extensively for Grammatical Errors on principle. Dammit, I paid for a history course about the Arctic, not an English course based on some Arctic History.
-The African Politics paper. Ahhh yes. Now, you may have heard about this ordeal 2 weeks ago (or read about it). Anyways, that horrid ordeal that nearly ended in a horrific murder/suicide tragedy involving Rod and the Pissy Devilbox...I picked that paper up yesterday and it got an A-. I fucking well deserved that after the shite I went through.
-NMUN has finally gotten on the ball and planned some big fundraising events. They should be big!

Anyways, Max is sitting on my hands, making it impossible to type, so I have to cut this short. Gotta go finish the YK x-mas shopping today anyways.


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