Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Friday that never was

I was up early to take a test for a potential job, and I've taken the test before, so I was like, okay, no problem. But then I forgot to leave my references when I left the room, so I'm dumb or whatever. I got home, intending to go out and start the demented x-mas shopping, but I was too cold and sluggish. So instead, I watched the Crossing Jordan marathon on A&E. But then Joe called and needed a ride out to buy a new computer, and a 1-hour, there-and-back errand turned into 2 1/2 hours, and it ended with a beaten, pregnant Native woman asking me to drive her to the police station. Then she changed her mind and wanted me to drive her to the West end. So instead I drove her to the #10 bus because she saw it and wanted to get on it instead. I have no idea now what the hell is going on.

Rod's at work right now. I think. He was supposed to be off 10 minutes ago. And all I want for supper is doughnuts. Old ladies dying and leaving cats behind has me sobbing, and there's nothing on tv. Now, you may be asking yourselves, doesn't this *cough*freak*cough* girl have lots of papers to write? Indeed, I have. But I emotional rubik's cube. I'm not making any sense and the harder the attempt to make sense, the worse it goes. Crappy metaphor to be sure, but sorta paints the picture for you. Unless you are a rubik's cube genius, in which case, you are smart enough to understand what I'm saying and not snobbishly brag that you know the secret of the puzzle and it makes no sense to you to compare me to it. Or Whatever.

Unglued? Restless? Senseless? Who knows. Ready for a murderous rampage if I don't get doughnuts? Entirely possible.


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