Saturday, November 20, 2004

It's not x-mas yet/Why I'm cranky

Okay, before you point the customary slanders and accusations at me for being a Grinch, realize that I'm just sodding cranky enough to rain on anyone's x-mas parade :p Each day that passes brings us another day closer to the dreaded holidays, and worse still, closer to deadlines for assignments I have no hope of starting yet, despite my need to. But I have other reasons for spreading my particularly cute brand of Bah Humbug around. I love to shop. I hate to shop for other people. And every year since I moved south, I've had to venture out and do almost all the shopping for my entire from mom and dad to X child/grandchild, from sibling to sibling, from us to's a weary, expensive cross I bear.

Anyways, for those of you glued ooey-blooey to your internet portals waiting for an update to Wednesday's saga, wait no further. I did not nap. Instead, there were phone calls, and I had to run that stupid paper to the University on time. Then it was off to pick up Rod, some stuff, and the kids before I had to run off to class. Tired, cranky, still ready to unabashedly murder the pissy devilbox. Then when I did get home at 10 pm, it was time to hurry the kids through their homework before putting them to bed.

Thursday morning, I woke up after clearly not getting enough sleep to make up for the disasters of the previous day. We got the kids off to school and I went back to bed. I needed to. School could wait. Then that evening, we went out to Futureshop to buy the much-needed USB memory stick, so that Rod may continue to live and breathe in a living manner, and so that my hatred for the devilbox may be lessened by having a fallback mechanism that won't corrupt itself. All is well again!

Not really. I have to do those papers and the presentation, plus get started on sifting through mountains of information for NMUN. Saturday night, and I'm at home, alone, and desparate to avoid school work. Yep...standard weekend.


At 9:12 PM, Blogger Fancy C. Poitras said...

Oh, yeah, "kids" aren't mine, they are my brother's kids.


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