Thursday, October 28, 2004

Not even a card

The wee hours of our 6th anniversary are dwindling away, and I'm sad to say that Rod has said 'Happy Anniversary' a few times, but no formal recognition otherwise.

Last night we reserved the hotel for CancĂșn, and that's great because our money is going towards Mexico, but really, is it too much to spend $5 on a card? I did it. I bought a card. I gave it to him, and got a thank you and a kiss in return. The last time he did this, he went out and blew $400 to make up for it. A card is not asking a lot. Just a little note of recognition.

And perhaps you are wondering why I haven't said anything to him. Well, sure, it's not fair that I don't let him know why I'm upset, or even that I am upset. I think he thinks I'm freaked out over my philosophy midterm. But after the last time, I just didn't think it was possible. It absolutely blows my mind. I sat in the bathroom and cried for an hour last time, feeling so unimportant and unappreciated, and that was only Valentine's Day. I'm making too much of this, I know, but again that unimportant, unappreciated feeling is festering again inside of me. I know, I know. Get over it, it's not like he doesn't love me.


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