Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The agony...

Anyone who knows me at all knows that when I refer to "the Agony" it's got to do with Politics. Well, this time is definitely no different. I am watching the very early calls favouring Bush. The festering, black pit in my stomach grows with each state that goes Red. It's not that I approve of Kerry. In fact, I have some issues with him, though none surrounding "flip-flopping". But anything's better than Bush.

Today is Jette's Birfday (HAPPY BIRFDAY JETTE!) and we are going for supper at a nice little French restaurant. I will try my bestest to not turn the evening into an uproarious affair of arguing politics, particularly given that Rob and Lori will also be there and I don't want to cause any Right/Left splits that would make things uncomfortable.

I shall return to spew later.


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