Thursday, November 11, 2004

Disconnected Ramblings

Things have settled down now in terms of NMUN. I don't know what the situation is between those who were fighting, but no one has been asked to leave or anything, and hopefully things will calm down now so we can get to work on Fundraising and researching.

I dropped Philosophy on the advice of the adviser at the Arts Undergrad desk. I'll try again next semester, and should still be able to graduate on time. Just in case, I'm looking around at other colleges and distance learning institutions to pick up the "easier" philosophy course to pad myself.

Rod's in Vegreville right now. It was his mom's birthday yesterday, and he and Marie have gone out to celebrate. I didn't go because I have a lot of work to do. Lots of papers to start and lots of stuff to do for NMUN. It really is like taking a class, all the prep work and meetings.

Time to get a job. Bills are covered, but I have to renew my driver's licence, renew Costco, buy another suit for NMUN, pay for Mexico and New York, pay rent, pay for the class next semester, etc. Nevermind Grad school application fees.


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