Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Can you say "Diplomacy"?

Wow. Things sort of exploded at the NMUN meeting yesterday. We were dividing up the committees among our members and that sparked a huge fight between a few people, though not over the committees. This fight didn't involve most of us, but it sure put us in the middle. Things got very heated and very personal, to the point where I stepped in and harshly put an end to things. Two people just kept fighting after the meeting, and I guess I reached a limit, so I shut them both down. I haven't tried to get an update yet today, but I'm sure everyone involved has had a chance to cool down enough to be dealt with if this needs to go to Dr. Knight.

I hate to say it, but I foresaw what was coming. It's an intense group of competitors, and with that many egos jostling for their say, things are bound to get tense. I just hope that the group doesn't devolve.

In other news, I failed my philosophy midterm. I knew I would, but I really hoped I had gotten enough right to squeak by. I have to decide today whether to stay in the course or drop it and try again next semester. It won't delay graduation to take it next semester, but it's the absolute last chance to still convocate. I've signed myself up for the class next semester to cover my butt either way. I've also got to get over to Grant MacEwan to ask if they are offering Philosophy 325 in January because I've heard that was easier.

Everyone cross your fingers for my hopeless situation.


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