Sunday, October 17, 2004

Busy doing what?

I know. We've established that I am unemployed and that I'm not working very hard on my school work this semester. So you must be wondering what happened yesterday. Well, I was laid up with a headache for most of the day and when that cleared, my knees swelled up like balloons in anticipation of the ugly, cold, snowy weather that dominated today. Plus, I had my interview for SIHA International Projects, and I have to say, I have even less hope than I did before, because this morning, I was not awake enough to make an impression, and then I got another headache. So I guess I can kiss Guyana goodbye for now.

Rod's at work right now. He works very part-time as a banquet server at the Sutton Place Hotel (read: Saturday nights). Sometimes, I enjoy being alone, like tonight. Other times, I can't stand that he goes to work. It's all part of my split personality disorder. Tonight I'm okay with it because I actually have a small urge to do some school work. It's weird, I know, but true. Tonight it's just me, my playlist and some good old African Politics. I have a paper due in that class on Thursday, so I'm just sort of putting some things in perspective before I start in earnest.

Better to be inside than not. Outside is a winter wonderland-type thing going. It snowed all day, and it was the wet, sticky kind of snow, so I've already seen one snowman (Rod made it in our parkade), and the kids across the street had a big, fun snowball fight. Too bad I hate cold weather. I might have enjoyed today. It's just that when you grow up in a location where snow is a major factor in your life 3/4 of the year, there's the chance you will come to despise it. It's almost pathelogical in me.

Enough rambling. Back to the books.


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