Monday, May 04, 2009

Note to Alberta, Part Two: Sex is real, move on.

Update: Sorry folks, Evolution stays, but the sex is still fair game!

The Minister responsible for Human Rights in Alberta has clarified that Bill 44 does not apply to evolution lessons because it's a science curriculum item, not a religious studies curriculum item. So yeah, sorry Dave Hancock, but you come out looking like an idiot on that call (but not really sorry...).

However, oh joy, sex is still on the table for parents to make that judgment call. I will reiterate my earlier comments about my concerns for the social development of youths, and add to them by stating my support for common-sense sex education for teens. I read somewhere recently that rates of teens having sex was dropping anyways, which is good enough news, but I still advocate for sex education as a strong back up.

Look, the fact of the matter is that we are supposed to be teaching kids and teens to use their reasoning and decision-making skills with increasing responsibility for themselves and their actions. Is it responsible for adults to then abstain from providing pertinent information necessary for teens to make smart decisions regarding sex and sexuality? No, it's not responsible. Teens are smart, so let's stop treating them like 4 year olds. Speak to them in a way that reaching their maturity level!

And yes, my ire still smarts over this even being slipped into human rights education. This kind of lunacy is in no other human rights legislation in any jurisdiction. What the F*^# is it doing in Alberta's legislation extending human rights to homosexuals in that province?? It's still going through the backdoor, and it's still grossly unnecessary. Not to mention redundant...directives like this education piece already exist in the Department of Education. But that's a whole other slice of cake.




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