Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And the winner is...

Well fuck, it was nearly Bangladesh.

On Sunday night, as I was forced to make a decision, I balled a little, talked, checked facts, and in the end, Rod and I made the decision that I would go to Bangladesh. I emailed the professor fixing things at our end, then started to panic because of all that I needed to do before I left. I was also concerned that my visa would be denied because my passport expires later this year...slight oversight on my part (oopsie!). I emailed the office I had an interview with on Monday morning and pulled out, and all I had to do was wait to be contacted by the other job I had already interviewed for, this one in Ottawa.

I had interviewed for a position doing performance measurement analysis; it was ridiculously short, and I babbled. So I wasn't telling myself I got the job just yet, despite what are sure to be incredible references.

So, on Monday I sat. And waited. And waited. They were supposed to notify me on Friday, did I mention that? It's never a good sign when they don't get back to you on time. Finally, just after noon, I got a phone call, but it wasn't exactly what I was expecting!

No, I didn't get the Performance measures position. Instead, my interview was shared with another unit in the Ministry, and the phone call I had received was for a position in an Assistant Deputy Minister's office! Eh?? How's that work?? I had to at least consider it, I mean, it's here in Canada, so Rod and I can at least see each other, and it would be nice to boost the resume by saying I worked in a freakin' ADM's office (currently, my work history is completely useless). I told them I needed about 20 minutes to check with my other opportunity.

I then called the Professor, and it's a good thing I did. It turns out that the people in charge of me while in Bangladesh couldn't accommodate my research project after all. That sucks, because I was only going to go if I had final say in my research project (they were attempting to nudge me towards other projects in education or the Environment). So I guess my decision was made for me...I accepted the position in Ottawa.

Oddly enough, once I made the decision to go to Bangladesh, everyone wanted to talk to me about jobs! Ain't that Murphy's Law! Three months without a sniff, and suddenly, I had this random ADM opportunity, another invitation to short list for another job in Ottawa, and an actual invitation to interview with a third position in Ottawa.

That's okay folks. Options for Doctoral schools pending, I can go back to Bangladesh (or hell, even find my own opportunity) next summer. It seems that Ottawa is calling!

PS - I even managed to find an apartment over the summer within hours of accepting the job offer. Or I should say, the apartment (and roommates) found me!


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