Saturday, April 15, 2006

15 days left, Edmonton...

In 15 days time, I will be hopping in the car about now, and pulling out of town. Our apartment is a WRECK. There are boxes everywhere is various states of use; there is still SOOOOO much left to pack and only 5 days left to do much of it; we still need to go to the vet, arrange to shut off our utilities, change our address over with dozens and dozens of places, And so on.

So how am I not going insane? I've distracted myself with eBay. Ahhhh, good old eBay! My purse addiction has met it's life partner in eBay, and after less than I week, I've won bids for a Louis Vuitton Pouchette and an Adidas purse, both on their way to me from across the ocean in Jolly Old England. But also after less then a week, I've decided I need to pull myself off of there because I'm going to be unemployed soon and I should direct my resources into moving and saving some for bills, etc.

I'm also on the hunt for a job down there, as SFU still hasn't gotten back to me, making me a bit antsy. Rod had a pretty good interview with a headhunter here in town, but she focuses primarily on Edmonton, so we can only guess what she'll come up with in Vancouver/Burnaby. It's tricky business trying to find a job in a new province. When I moved to Edmonton, no one wanted to hire me, and interviews were few and far between because I was competing with a larger job market, and I suspect employers were more interested in hiring people with Local experience AND references. I wonder if we'll encounter the same issues out there.

Anyways. Also distracting me from Moving Madness is that being the long weekend, my parents are in town with my niece Morgan, and we had her overnight last night. I'm getting some family time in this weekend, while Rod goes out to Vegreville tomorrow for Easter to get his family time in too, because starting on Tuesday, we'll be so busy, we'll barely even see each other, nevermind drop in for tea and biscuits with mummy and daddy. Rod's set to leave on Thursday with the first load of stuff, and then he'll be back on Saturday, only to load up again with almost everything else and take off the following Thursday, thus ending the Edmonton chapter of our life.

Moving on, moving on...


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