Thursday, April 01, 2010

Well, that was easy!

So that was the shortest, most succinct hunt ever. I found a place on the website for a professional management company, made the appointment to view, viewed, and took the apartment all within a matter of 4 hours!

It was quite fortuitous actually; I've been on that site before to scout out other apartments, and this place never came up before. Well, as it turns out, a young family is being transferred part way through their lease, and even though the company doesn't usually put lease-transfers on their website, this time, the manager did, and it worked out perfectly! The place has wood floors, a dishwasher (yay!), and it's in a perfect location to be at the heart of it all. It is a basement suite, which I swore I'd never do again, but the basement is actually not deep, and my windows are huge, so it's very bright and airy, and it gets southern exposure, so I'll have the sun warming the place considerably...which in the summer means I need to buy an apartment air conditioner unit. The cats will love the window ledges and watching various critters run around outside.

And of course the best part is that I'm taking over the remainder of the lease from the previous tenants, so for that time period, my rent is actually decently low, giving me time to have saving and earn more.

All things considered, I didn't feel I needed to see any more places. There had been a building just a block away from Etienne's place here that I was interested in too, but it was a bachelor suite, and I've been concerned about having two cats who don't particularly care for each other in such a small place, with no chance to get out of each other's face. So yay! I'm by Elgin, the Canal, close to work and the mall, and the market, and it will make me look forward to living in Ottawa a little more.

Now the focus changes to wrapping up things in Vancouver...and as of now, I have very little time to do that!


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