Friday, April 20, 2007

Momentous Day!

Okay people...I hope you have your party hats and noisemakers on hand, cause it's a big day!

First of all, welcome to Post #200! w00t! If I was a sitcom, that would mean I've been on the air for about 10 years, but since this is teh interweb, that only means I've been talking to myself in cyberspace for two and a half years. There will be no tribute show with teh stars (me) or a big clips show looking back with fondness...not even an hour long show featuring a big plot twist.

Moving on to the even more boring news, it was a big day for school news. I wrote my Final exam for social policy today, and I'm feeling good about it, and I'M FREE!! A whole 17 days of freedom! Oh heavenly delight! Also, I earned myself an A in International Health, an A- in Ethnography of Politics, and I can expect about a B in manhating...uh...Gender Issues and Social Issues, cause I got my final exam today and go an 85% on it. So we just sit back and wait for the B-ish grade in Social Policy :) Good job me :) Seriously, my most successful semester ever.

I survived my very first bomb threat yesterday too. I was at school studying with some people in my class when it came in, obviously false, and obviously phoned in by some yobbo who was hoping to get out of a final exam or something equally retarded. Of course I'm critical of the way it was handled. Three of us girls were just sitting there chatting while the boys took off for a food break, and a couple of campus security guards walk by and stop and check the recyling and garbage cans with flashlights. I was all, 'weird...looking for a bomb?' and went about my chatting. A few minutes later, the guys came back and told us about a bomb threat being broadcast on the closed-circuit announcement TVs around campus. And that's how we find out? Geez! Anyways, I go about my day, and note, that I checked my SFU email account a couple of time last night for facebook notifications (I'm so sad...*sigh*). Well, I did the exam thing this morning, but when I got home, I checked my account, and there was an email announcing the bomb threat and they would keep us posted...time stamped for 6:34pm last night, and received between 10:30 pm last night and 12 noon today. Nice.

Let's see...what else...blah blah blah, got good grades...blah blah blah stupid idiots and their bomb threats...blah blah blah...200 posts...fuck, you life is really boring!

Oh! Yes, I forgot in all the excitment. So at the dentist on Tuesday, I got a big thumbs up for no cavities and "excellent gums" (better than Rod's "good gums" SUCK IT CHUDYK!), but ooooh, a big thumbs down for an impacting wisdom tooth! Bad! No food for you! So I guess I'll have wisdom tooth extraction surgery in the very near future. The eye exam on Wednesday? Uh, yeah...raise your hands if you didn't know I had an astigmatism in my right eye *raises hand* Yeah...apparently I've had it for a while, I even have a perscription lens in my glasses for it, and didn't have a fucking clue. So suddenly the cost of glasses and contacts goes up, cause the stupid astigmatism is bad enough to need a Toric lens. Note to self: stop going to assembly line optometrists who don't tell you things like that. Geez. The glasses alone run me $412, so I got clip-on sunglasses to go with them...cheat me out of my money, I don't think so! The contacts will be about $850-$950 a year. I'm going to need a job just to pay for that :( Time to seriously consider laser eye surgery.

How uncool of me to attack me in such stealthy ways...impacting teeth, espensive eyes...what's next? Nose job? Lose an ear? bah.

In further news, I've paid off a CIBC Alberta student loan, and come to the sad realization that for someone who HATES shoes, I own over 30 pairs. Vancouver is a super image-conscious place, and I've got to spend a lot of money to keep up. I'm so sad.

So. What's new with you?


At 1:36 AM, Blogger Gail said...

WOO! Good marks, missy!

I totally empathise with you on the toric lens front. I was dreading the price tag on mine, but they weren't that bad at all. (While I was looking up what I paid for them, you commented!) I think it was in the neighbourhood of $150 for six months.

At 3:58 PM, Blogger Fancy C. Poitras said...

For both eyes?? WTF? I'm looking at $105 for both eyes every 6 weeks cause they want to put me into those two week disposible things cause of the way I buggered up my eyes last decade when I lived in my contacts...grr...I get no luck!

At 7:26 PM, Blogger Gail said...

I did my taxes last night, so I double-checked the price. (I can claim them this time because I only began working in October and I just made the 3% minimum for medical expense claims.) Yep, $150 for two boxes that last six months.

I used to wear the disposable lenses (two weeks of wear) for many years, but I tried the toric version and they don't hold the shape well enough to work. So now I've got toric lenses that last for 30 days each.

At 10:12 PM, Blogger Fancy C. Poitras said...

Wow, I'll have to ask about those then, because I went in for the fitting yesterday, and she tried a regular lens in the bad eye, and I couldn't see anything...everything was blurrier than without the lens. So she's specially ordering a different toric lens set for the right eye to try next. Time to really consider the laser surgery


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