Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Booked my Face

Wow, sorry about yesterday there folks. I was going for a "Hey, I'm still alive" post, but sort of got sidetracked by my failing communication/cognitive thinking skills.

So the deal was this: I had a term paper due yesterday at 2:30 pm, and I've been trying to write the damn thing for about a week. I'd managed to work my way up to some where short of 2/3 done by 2 am yesterday, and then went to bed. And then got up and tried to write some more. This paper just was so hard to focus on, and of course the news blaring in the background about Virginia Tech wasn't helping me stay on task. But sometihng more insidious was keeping me from realizing my potential: Evil Facebook.

On Sunday, I woke up to an invite from Jeevan, who told me that most of the NMUN people were on there. I should have turned away! I should have stayed strong! I should have said 'NO'! But I didn't. I signed up, curious to see who all was there. And interestingly enough, another NMUNer was actually passing through town, so Jeevan set it up for me and him to meet up with Saarah for a visit. It was a really great visit! We chatted, laughed, needled for Jeevan to within an inch of crying (which he does not do), and since I had Talulah with me, we each spent time on our Facebook accounts, tracking people down. Then we drove downtown because Jeevan really wanted a picture of the Olympic Countdown clock. I drove them around a little, showing off the downtown a bit, and then rushed Saarah back to her Aunt's so she could catch her red eye back to Toronto.

And then spent the next two days glued to Facebook. I am so weak :|

But on the flipside, I've found several people I've fallen out of touch with, and that's awesome. But yeah, I have a final on Friday morning, and appointments galore between now and then. And I can't stop myself! I threw off my groove! I am a weak, weak little person.


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