Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Loads of little nothings means ME time!

I guess I've been thoroughly loving having my time to myself for the first time in months, cause I have done so many little things that amount to nothing big.

First, an update for anyone who cares on the school front:

Ethnography of Politics = A-
Social Policy Analysis = A-
International Health = A
Gender Relations and Social Issues = B+

GPA = A- or 3.67

I'm sort of shellshocked by these grades, cause I've never had such a successful semester. The fact that I got a B+ in Manhating, and an A- in Social Policy, which I was expecting somewhere in the B neighbourhood is bloody amazing! But there is a downside to this good news, and that is I've been labelled a Keener :( Which is not true! I swear! The reason I know it's not true is because it came from the Laziest Git in the class :p

I got the new glasses, and with the exception of buying a pair that come with a magnetic sunglass attachment, they look damn near the same as the ones I just got out of. We're going to pick up Rod's new glasses tonight. So that's cool. I guess the next move is to buy myself some pilates passes so I'm good to go for Beach season. Or not...we'll see how lazy I am. *smirk*

On Monday mum came over and made me do lots of housecleaning...she loves spring cleaning, and since I'm less than keen on it, she knew the only way to get it down was to be here doing it with me. So we did everything but what Rod's supposed to do, which amounts to the floors, washing te bedding and worst of all possible worst bits, cleaning his workspace. Stay tuned for that saga folks, cause every year it's a, actually, it's a bloody war.

I've entirely caught up on the first season of Big Love on DVD, so I'm good to go for June when it starts up again, and I'm super anxious to see what the fallout from the season finale is, cause when it first happened, I thought something entirely different from what I think now, so I'm dying to see what happens. I could give two hoots about The Sopranos ending, cause I never got into that show, and I've been blindly casting about for something to fill the Sex and the City void, though the constant reruns on TV are sustaining me.

I read 'Shopaholic and Baby' while laying about in my jammies, and been deliciously happy that it's neither a school book, nor anything that teaches me anything other than the name of trendy designers :) I've listened to more Queen songs than I've heard all year. I've watched 'The Pirate Movie' which is possibly the greatest bad little movie ever. I've just basically had a chance to be as intellectually unstimulating/unstimulated as is humanly possible.

And finally, Rod's been proposed to on my behalf, sort of, through my sister. :) I was teasing Karyne on facebook that she wasn't going to get to plan my wedding (she's got teh wedding planner fever) because I was getting Rod drunk and flying him to Vegas in September. The idea was either he's there, or if he's passed out, Holly would put on the wig and lifts, and we'd pretend she was him and get married, a la Young and the Restless :D Well, Karyne retaliated with a threat of never seeing my nephews again (as if! Those kids love me and would seek me out!), and I in turn mocked her retaliation with an invitation to Vegas if she wants. Well...then she said, if you're really doing it, I'll go...umm...hunny?

Rod? My sister wants to know if you'll marry me. LOL.

And the reason I'm not cracking heads like back in 2001 is because...He didn't say no. I know! Before you faint and start shopping for the perfect blender (good luck guys, Rod's been 'searching' for the perfect blender for 5 years picky!) and getting those baby blue tuxes out of storage, he didn't say yes either. But, the huge step in the progressive direction is that he didn't say no. He didn't say anything. How do you respond to a proposal like that? "Fancy, Tell your sister____" just doesn't seem the most romantic response :)

On the bonus side, Rod's mother has generously agreed to donate money to me for a shotgun, to get this party rolling in Vegas :D


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