Monday, June 19, 2006

Things *not* to say to the Border Agent at the US Border

While Rod, Holly and I were waiting to cross the border into Washington, I came up with a new game called "What Not to say to US Customs Agents" and we came up with some real doozies:

Holly's "I have drugs up my bum!" was the funniest, and was later embellished with a "I had no trouble getting them in(to the country)"

Other things:

-(Fancy) We're Polygamists
-(Fancy) He's our pimp
-(Fancy) We're underage and he just paid us to have sex with him
-(Rod) She's (Holly) hiding drugs up her bum and She's (Fancy) carrying arms
-(Rod) Do you have a copy of your laws? I'd like to use it as a checklist
-(Holly) as regards the drugs..."Strip search!"
-(Fancy) Where's the nearest sawed-off shotgun store?
-(Rod) We're just delivering this package for a guy
-(Rod) as regards the Arms..."We're just delivering them to some friends in Waco"
-(Rod) We have a trunk load of fertiziler for friends
-(Fancy) He (Rod) wants to shoot your president! (okay, all joking aside on this one, I believe Rod's a fairly non-violent dude, and at worst, Shrubya can expect a very contemptible look...maybe an egg to the limosine...please US Secret Service, FBI, et al, don't take it seriously)

Something tells me this list will be an ongoing process...stay tuned.


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