Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Second sign of the coming Apocolypse (OR, How I Forrest Gumped my way to a degree)

Nine years ago today, I walked down a ramp and proceeded to the front of my high school graduation class to collect my diploma, nervously aware that heels and metal ramps don't always get along so well. But I made it back to my seat without a hitch, and then I pondered my future...I was headed to Augustana University College in Camrose, Alberta to start a degree in Music and Drama, but most importantly, I was getting the HELL out of Yellowknife.

Fastfoward to June 10, 2005. Last week's drama surrounding my dad's possible absence was finally laid to rest, and sadly, he couldn't be there. When the issue first came up, I was upset because he also had to miss my high school graduation for meetings out of town, and here was that heartbreak rearing it's ugly head again, but this time around, I understand a lot better that the "real world" I'm always mocking comes with responsibilities that can't always be shirked no matter how badly we may want to do so.

Anyways, I got up early on Friday morning and went to the bookstore to get my cap, gown, hood and degree. I found out while in line that my friend Jason was headed to Afghanistan in Frebruary, which, at 9 am, is a really rude awakening. Nothing like that "real world" to get your day started. I came home and began the round-up of Rod and Mom. We got on the road and stopped off at the Bookstore first to take advantage of the 20% off being offered to grads. Then it was off to the main attraction.

Speeches were kept mercifully short and finally, the big walk across the stage. Since my last name starts with P, I had to sit forever before I could finally get up and walk to the stage. All I really remember is the announcer getting my first name wrong, which is comical because it's usually the last name they get wrong. Anyways, I shook hands with the bigwigs and went for my exit when I was stopped by a woman from Native Student Services who presented me to an elder. He asked if I was any relation to Audrey (Audrey Poitras is the President of the Metis Nation in Alberta, but I don't know if I am), and I'm so used to being asked if I'm any relation to Jane Ashe Poitras (An internationally recognized artist and printmaker, and yes, she's my dad's cousin), that I was thrown off completely. He called me Nancy, pressed a leather medicine pouch into my hands and I made a break for Exit Stage Left.

As I sat there, the lady next to me was talking about C's means degrees, and I was like, D+ baby. I was sitting there because of a wonderful little class called Symbolic Logic. If not for a mistaken question on the exam, who knows, but being in the right place at the right time paid off after 9 years of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Augustana, Grant MacEwan, and U of A (times two)...Drama/music, Education, Travel Consultation, General Studies, Spanish/Japanese and Political Science/History...and it all comes down to a D+.


At 7:40 PM, Anonymous olaf said...

Congratulations. You have, after all this time, finally earned it. Is Rod buying you a present?

At 8:07 PM, Blogger Fancy C. Poitras said...

Rod bought me flowers, a U of A t-shirt, and he put together a bedframe for me :)


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