Sunday, October 01, 2006

Run for the Cure Day

This is just a very quick shout out to my friend Heidi, who is taking part in the Run for the Cure in Edmonton today. Next year I'll go out for it myself. It's time for it to happen.

Around the time of my birth, my beloved Grandmother, Christine, had a total mastectomy, which for years, I was unaware of. And again only 22 years later, she had another to remove the other breast shortly before her death. She had no biological daughters that lived beyond infancy, and the irony is that in the massive Poitras roll call of grandchildren, there is actually only a small handful of her biological female offspring, who are all relatively young (myself included) . Off the top of my head, I can think of four of us. We can only wait and see.

In my case, I'm unnerved by the fact that I already have very fiberous breast tissue, which makes detecting a lump with self-breast examinations difficult. A doctor may be trained to know the difference between my regular dense breast tissue and a lump, but I'm not, and to be on the safe side, once I'm 30, I will start insisting on yearly mammograms.

Happy Run for the Cure Day!


At 3:15 AM, Blogger Chris Hubick said...

And while y'all are at it, someone take a jog for my prostate ;)

At 1:01 AM, Blogger Fancy C. Poitras said...

Gawd Chris, take a jog for your own bum-insides! Lazy Git.


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