Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Time to get Political on yo' ass

Yesterday I was angry. ANG-RY. Yesterday on Global news, it was reported that the Conservative "Government" made about 1 Billion dollars in cuts to federal programs, the nature of which made me ANGRY. At the time, they highlighted the following cuts:

$9 Million to Literacy programs
$5 Million to the Status of Women
$11.7 Million of unused, earmarked money for the Mountian Pine Beetle problem here in BC
$4 Million to the Medical Marijuana research program

How could I not be irate? With the exception of the Mountain Pine Beetle money, the Conservatives were clearly picking on the social sector, and that in my estimation makes them scoundrels. Well, I was close...

Today I am livid. LIV-ID. Because today on Global News, the cuts were further reported, and it was worse than I thought:

-$50 Million of unused funding for Northwest Territories Devolution

This makes me utterly upset, because basically what *WAS* left of the devolution process were programs such as those designed to transfer the powers to develop, conserve, manage and regulate of surface and subsurface natural resources in the NWT for mining and minerals (including oil and gas) administration, water management, land management and environmental management; powers to control and administer public land with the right to use, sell or otherwise dispose of such land; and powers to levy and collect resource royalties and other revenues from natural resources. I use the past tense because now it appears the money is gone for the process, and oh gee, now that the NWT is a hot bed of oil, diamond and mineral development, the Feds would hate to lose those Royalty rights. (

-$6.5 Million eliminated from funding for the Centre for Research and information on Canada

Gee, let's get that group for saying things that are true! Bastards!

-$4.6 Million eliminated from the RCMP drug-impaired-driving program's training budget

Good to know a future RCMP officer will have trouble visually identifying the effects of drugs on the impaired driver who kills me on the road.

-$5.6 Million eliminates the Court Challenges Program

This is a program that provides funding for test cases promoting the rights of official language minorities and equality-seeking groups in Canada (READ: the GLBT community, Aboriginal groups, Immigrants and just about everyone who doesn't vote Conservative), and the Conservatives are making it very clear a) what they think of these groups; and b) that they are trying to form some sort of oligarchy where only those with money can affect change in this country.

People. I'm actually passed Angry. I'm technically beyond being livid. I'm Junkyard Dog M-A-D. I'm 'buy a plane ticket to Ottawa with a dozen eggs' MAD. I'm 'Pour acid into the HarperTron 2000's circuits' MAD. White hot RAGE++ mad.

I'm so fucking mad that upon hearing the news earlier this evening, I had to take off my clothes because it was suddenly too fucking hot to bear in my apartment.

Who says Politics can't be interesting?


At 2:24 AM, Blogger Chris Hubick said...

Show us your tits already! ;)

At 3:11 AM, Blogger Chris Hubick said...

WRT my previous comment, on one side, I'm joking of course, but on the other hand, do you have a better idea?

You don't like our Conservative government? Guess what, we live in a democracy. It's true that the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. We live in a place where 30% of the population actually thinks the sun rotates around the earth. What that means is, without some form of eugenics program, nothing is going to change any time soon.

I read the news every day, and there never fails to be a million things that make me want to bang my head on my desk and cry. I'm working to fight that urge though. It's like what Avery Brooks said to Edward Norton in American History X - you have all this anger inside you, but has anything you have done really made your life any better? Give it up. Concentrate on the good things in your life over which you have some control. Go for a walk in the park with your boyfriend. Cook yourself a good meal. Show us your tits already! ;)

At 3:42 PM, Blogger Fancy C. Poitras said...

...Said the man with the mullet...

Seriously, I live for this stuff, for the moments when I am spurred to action, to do my part in the social and political scheme of things in order to make things better for those who can't, and to educate those who won't. What you have to do is allow me my initial outburst of anger so that I can begin to clearly work on the problem. Anger also spurs me and it spurs action. And I consider my social conscience to be one of those good things in life over which I have control. Man, it's like you don't even know me!

Plus, I don't think my husband would appreciate my wandering around some green leafy patch of turf with a boyfriend :p


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