Saturday, June 24, 2006

Of Pets and Men

It's been an up and down week. Holly and I continued our shopping spree over the few more days she was here, but both she and Rod were sick. She kept getting very nauseous, and Rod was hit with a nasty flu. So bad that when Wednesday morning rolled around, there wasn't much solid sleep, and Rod was almost drowning in sweat, so I made the decision that Rod's first day at work was going to have to be delayed. He was just so sick! You know he had to have been sick to let me make that decision, because anyone who knows Rod, knows that he suffers from "MY LIFE FOR THE COMPANY" syndrome. There was a hiccup about a phone call, but Rod slugged his way through work on Thursday.

Holly meanwhile, was not having the best week either. Her very precious little guinea pig, G.P., was also very sick, and on Tuesday and Wednesday it was very much a question of whether he lived in pain or was put down. Holly left on Wednesday, and on Thursday G.P. was put to sleep. My poor girl. He was a cute little bugger. R.I.P. Notorious P.I.G.

And yesterday, Jette informed me that Lori had to put her cat, Bailey, to sleep as well on Monday. So as you can imagine, I am clutching Max and Princess Purrball everytime they come around like they were made of gold or something. My precious babies. It'd be more merciful to put me down rather then have to tell me that either of them were dead.


At 10:56 PM, Blogger jette said...

it really was a bad pet week. Erin's hamster, George, died too.


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