Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mummy's day!

Today is Mother's Day, and it's time for us good, loving, devoted children to celebrate the Mother's who've loved us through the good and the bad. And my own mummy is no exception to this rule of celebration.

Mummy is having a tough time these days, as both the parents are sick with some sort of monster infection that just keeps clinging to them, but they are bearing up well. They both get to look forward to a trip to Toronto right away so Daddy could take part in a golf tournament he was invited to, and it'll be a nice getaway from the everyday.

My Mum is my best friend of course. Before I went back to work in July, we talked nearly everyday on the phone or by Messenger, about all kinds of things as trivial as what's going on on Y&R to the most complicated family issues. We help explain to each other the mysteries of the men in our lives. From the time I was a child, she's done so much for me. She's gone to the meetings for my activities, she bought me all kinds of things, she helped me learn to ride a bike, and so many more things.

Mummy, I love you!


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