Wednesday, May 10, 2006

8 days a week

Well folks, I've been here 8 days now, and I think it's been a pretty good week. We're 3/4 of the way through unpacking, though we're at a stand still at this point, due to laziness and boredom with the task, but I'm also discouraged that we've still not heard anything back from management about the storage locker situation, and I'm sick of looking at this stack of boxes and things I'd like to put somewhere.

We dealt with some banking stuff, and I'm pleased to announce that after 5 or so years of discussion, Rod and I have opened a joint Savings account (see? It does happen, it just takes longer with Rod), which I intend to manage like a hawk in preparation for the next big steps in life...home, cars, investments and retirement savings. We've started the process of transferring over all the car-related issues, having switched our Driver's club info over, and we're waiting on the paperwork from Alberta to get the insurance dealt with. The utilities are set up, the kitties are settling in quite well now, and I've got some hot leads on pilates studios in preparation for losing my newly gained 10 lbs. Yes, stress has not been kind to me...such is life I suppose, it's time to get serious about this whole health thing.

It occurred to me today that it was also time to get serious about something else...professional development. I write excellent academic papers, but I haven't had to write a report since high school. While academia is essentially how I'd be expected to form the majority of my communications in jobs that I'm interested in, I need to have the skills to sell my ideas in a concise, business-like manner if I'm going to keep said job. So guess what I'll be doing in September. And I'd like to take some personal interest classes too, in photography.

We have no friends out here, knowing only a handful of people, namely an elderly uncle of mine, and several family members and friends of Jette's (who are all eager to welcome her back to the Lower Mainland ASAP *hint hint*), and I'm going crazy here, wondering why we even bothered to sign up for a home phone number if the only ones planning on using it are Rod's family. It's time to get out, meet people, get a life, and dive headlong into this major shift I've brought us some 1100 kms away from our comfort zone for.

So, the current plan is this: A) Get a job to pay for said Life; B) Get said Life; C) be deliriously happy.

In the meantime, I know some of you have been clamouring for pictures, so here's a few teasers...

Our Living room/Workspace

Living Room/Workspace

A sliver of our Awesome View

Another sliver of the Awesome View


At 2:18 AM, Blogger Gail said...

Yay! Pictures! I haven't taken any pictures since I moved in, but they're a-comin'...

Great view! -- you guys are pretty high up. Makes me miss the mountains; I'm in Flatsville Ontario. I do have a view of Lake Ontario now, though, which helps the mood tremendously. I missed seeing water every day, especially in Pennsylvania. Even Hugh can see the water with the floor-to-ceiling glass walls, but he's too busy watching the movement of people and vehicles below him to notice much else.

At 4:44 PM, Blogger Fancy C. Poitras said...

Yeah, even growing up in Hell-o-knife I had views of the rocks and Great Slave Lake, so moving to Edmonton and seeing Neither hills nor water was a hardship.


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