Sunday, March 13, 2005

Broked Down an' busted up

I woke up this morning in positively excruciating pain. I don't know quite what I have done, but my left shoulder blade is revolting against me and it's bound and determined to drive me right out of my mind. I can hardly move my neck, I can't bend over or control a complete range of motion for my arms because anything that tugs at the muscles and nerves and joints and bones around the offending shoulder blade makes me want to drop to me knees and cry out for mummy.

So, I was sadly a pretty captive audience today with Rod tending to me in between his mini-breaks from World of Warcraft. Awwww, what a sweet guy for taking time out of that awful game to tend to me....after I have to cry out for help. But when he takes care of me, he's attentive...mostly. I mean, give the guy some dues; he has to deal with me, and for those of you intimately in the know, you are aware that I am a) a HUGE baby in need of attention; and b) easily irked because I hate being in a position to be dependent on others for my most basic needs. I like things done in a certain way, with a certain expediency that poor Rod often lacks. So I give him a big thank you for trying.

I wonder how much of this is stress-related. I spent most of yesterday in planner/organizer mode and then ran around with my sanity oozing out of my head until we got home. I was feeling alright, though tired, so I don't think whatever I did was last night. It had to be something that happened while I was sleeping. I'll be in New York in a week's time and I still have so much to do for the guest speaker event. I don't have time to be laid up with a pinched nerve or torn rotator cuff or anything else this may be. Shit, that reminds me, I have to call some people tomorrow about the tickets and posters.

I so hope that I am up to moving around tomorrow because there's so much I need to do in order to be ready for New York. There's laundry and ironing, studying the rules, doing my Philosophy assignment (I'm still hanging in there, though I have to decide by Friday whether or not the class is salvagable), cleaning up the house (because I know Rod won't while I'm gone), and a thousand other small annoying details.

For now though, I am resting on the couch with the new laptop with cats crawling all over me, and I can't pick them up and baby them like I like to. Dammit Rod, hurry home from work, I need help finding a comfortable position to sleep in, and a massage, and an ice pack, and more (and stronger) painkillers. It's like I'm trapped in my own home!


At 1:03 PM, Blogger Gail said...

Stress has a way of screwing up your body. One day after a tough week, I woke up unable to move my head to the side. It took days for my neck to get back to normal. I'm sure massage would help you relax.

Good luck on your preparation for New York!


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