Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sully Daniels

My Brother-in-law is allergic to cats, and he's a real dog lover, so it was a surprise, and yet it wasn't, when my sister told me they gave their oldest son, B. a golden lab for his birfday.  They named him Sully (aka. Sul-Sul).  That was more than nine years ago.

Sully grew up to be a wonderful companion, and true to the typical traits of a Lab, he was very big, very strong, and could be very goofy.  Once, when my sister and BIL flew me up to Yellowknife to babysit the kids while they went to Las Vegas, I lost control of Sully when he got outside, and I ended up chasing him for about 3 blocks before I caught up with him.  Without a leash, I had to grab hold of his collar, and try to simultaneously steer him home and avoid being dragged.  And he stopped for a doggie business break, which mortified me because I had no baggies or a leash to manage the situation.  Despite Sully's attempt to break out, he was a good dog, and I still loved him.

When I went to visit again in 2006, I was out for a high school reunion event, and at about 2:30 am, I decided to head back to my sister's.  She told me she was leaving a door open for me, but I guess this message hadn't made it to BIL, because when he got home, he had locked the door.  I was locked out.  So I called and rang the bell for a hopeless 3 hours.  Everyone in that house was dead to the world, with the exception of Sully, who came to the door and tried to keep me company.  I was miserable because I was sobering up, it was cooling off, and the mosquitoes were in full attack mode.  Finally, at 6 am, Sully had managed to wake BIL enough that he came to the door and was shocked to see a messed-up, worn-out Fancy, curled up in a ball on the front porch. 

Last night, my sister texted me.  They have to put Sully down today because he's probably got a tumor and is bleeding internally.  An operation won't likely be successful.  It's so very sad.  Sully, you will be missed greatly, beautiful boy.


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