Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Karen O'Keefe: Comedienne-at-Large*

Sorry for the pun, Karen, I could not help myself.

So, I have this friend, Karen. She and I were friends in high school, and she's one of the few people from my grad class that I still keep in touch with (and have more interaction than just being friends on facebook). Over the years, I've watched Karen O'Keefe evolve: I've known her as a stand-out teenager who just did things her own way; I've known her to be a talented graphic designer; and I've "seen" (without ever having any of her shows) develop into an amateur comedienne on the road in Alberta.

Now it seems that she's gone all "Mary Tyler Moore" on the world. She moved there this summer to turn pro at her new profession; she is still doing comedy shows, but now she's jumping headlong into the acting sandbox! So, if you know of anyone in the Toronto area who is searching for the next big talent, look this lady up!

*Note: Karen is certainly talented, and as an added bonus, she is quite distinctive and stands out in a crowd...literally; Karen is 6 feet tall.


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