Friday, August 31, 2012

Fancy needs a pick-me-up

The Explanation:

It's been a few months since my last post; in that time, I've been in a period of a lot of self-reflection, and I've come to realize that some changes are needed, otherwise my paltry creative spark will burn out.  In the time since the last post, I haven't written anything that was non-work related (i.e. work assignments, cover letters, interview tests), and when I try to write, it's trite and not worth finishing.  You would be forgiven for thinking I've just fallen into a rut, though I'm not sure I would even call this period of uncertainty a rut.  I've also contemplated shutting down this blog on several occasions, since I never seem to have anything to say, and when I do, it seems to be of little consequence. 

It's so easy for me to fall into cynicism and pessimism, given my view of the world, politics, the economy, and society; what's harder for me to do is find something meaningful in every day.  I've become so disengaged by what I see and hear.  While I've been re-examining myself and my life, one recurring theme has been that I need to stop being so negative--when did I become a daily attendee at the snarkfest?  But how do I do this without becoming a bloody Pollyanna, always playing her 'Glad Game'?  While thinking of ways to improve my attitude, I was struck by the irony of being so focused on myself, and totally forgeting about trying to re-engage with the world.  It's been all about me!  Not about the world, with me in it.

So, I came up with an idea. It's a simple idea: a project.  A project is what I need!  Something to get myself out of my head, which is far too occupied with obsessive and relentless self-reflection, and something to re-engage with the world-at-large.

The Announcement:

Starting tomorrow, September 1, 2012, there will be a new blog in town!  The interwebz will be inundated with yet another weblog, as I commence The Daily 'Wish You Were Here' (#TheDailyWYWH on Twitter).  It will be an account of something that needs to be shared--a moment, a meaningful passage, a picture, whatever!

The Concept

As trite as it is, there are moments large and small in every day that we can appreciate.  How often do you share this moment or these moments with someone in the hopes that they will see the meaning too?  Whether these moments are good, great, childlike, x-rated, sad, hopeful, comical, or otherwise, they mean something to me, and I have gotten into the habit of just hoarding them, keeping each to myself, or only mentioning them in passing to someone else.

I should warn you, this blog is not a daily affirmation.  This isn't going to be all 'Life is magnificent!' or sunshine and roses.  But it's also not going to be some depressing missive or snarkfest on what's wrong with my life or with life in general.  It's just going to be a daily moment around me (and maybe not even about or involving me) that I have judged worth sharing.

The Impact

While it would be nice to know people are reading this new blog, a steady, devoted readership is not my goal.  The goal is for me to get outside of myself and be a member of the world.  And what good is an exercise in self-improvement when you aren't sharing the benefits?  So feel free to drop in and read about, hear about, or see those moments when I wish you were here.

"Now What?" will remain as it is--a place for me to ramble on about anything and everything, which I will try to do more of.  In the world of Twitter and Facebook (which i still have, but I've vastly reduced my use of and content on), it's so easy to get swept up in expressing views in 140 characters or less.  That's fine for a joke or a headline, but not for discussion, debate or general blathering, so I will keep "Now What?" for that purpose.

Let the wishing begin...


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