Friday, October 01, 2010

Dan Savage/It Gets Better

Dan Savage is tired of the way bullying of gay kids is handled in schools. Over the past couple of weeks, four high-profile cases of teen suicides have taken over the headlines, and the common thread that propels them to the headlines is that these guys were all bullied for being gay or suspected of being gay. And tired of schools in the US not addressing this issue, tired of the problem of bullying queer students not even being acknowledged by some so-called educators, Dan Savage said it's long past time that gay people stop waiting to be invited into schools to facilitate education about the issue.

He's bypassed the invitations, and through his Youtube project, It Gets Better, he's encouraged queer adults to submit videos that let gay kids and teens know that they've survived that awful period in their lives and gone on to lead happy, healthy let the kids today know that after the horrors of high school, especially in bigoted or rural communities, it is possible to escape and make their way in the let these kids know that it gets better. So it's worth hanging on.


At 10:48 PM, Blogger Gail at Large said...

I checked out some of the videos... it's also helpful viewing for anyone suffering from bullying in school, anyone who's seen as different in some way.

Good going, Dan!


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