Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haitian Relief Effort

This summer I was fortunate enough to meet a few Haitian Nationals living and working in Ottawa-Gatineau. I have been able to reach one of them, who describe to me the fear and anxiety for family members in Port-Au-Prince whom they've had no word from. It really breaks my heart to hear the desperation in her voice, and I'm compelled to do what little I can.

If you can give, there are two ways I suggest to go about it:

The direct way is to use the link below (Canadian Red Cross) to donate using a credit card, and you get a personal tax receipt:

Alternatively, Wyclef Jean's group Yele, is collecting donations on its website, however that website is experiencing difficulties due to a very high volume:

If you are outside of Canada, please consider donations to your own national branch of the Red Cross-Red Crescent. The devastation is overwhelming, and Haiti needs much assistance.




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