Thursday, January 07, 2010

Something Like Ideal

So I have this friend, Brent Stephen Smith, right? And he wrote a book, okay? It's self-published for now, but you (That's right, YOU) could help make it so big, it gets picked up by a big soulless publishing company who will pay him scads of money AND advance him a huge cheque for his next book :)

It's called 'Something Like Ideal', and it's an interesting read...a collection of lives that intersect and become part of the narrator's journey.

It's great to support Canadian talent that's just starting out, so feel free to share this with friends...and if you play your cards right, I might be able to get the author to autograph it ;)


Digital download ($4.95):

Paperback ($14.95):

Hardcover ($39.95, includes Hope Springs):


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