Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dammit, and I just caught up!!

Today, I finally completed the 8th set of Peek-a-poohs, and for anyone who knows me, they know how much time, money and painful determination it took to collect each and every single one of those little treasures...all...eight...sets.

Most of them I had to go to the toonie machines for, and it was arduous and frustrating, constantly coming up with the same ones over and over again, or missing some in the set because they changed sets on me. a large chunk of the others came from ebay, shipped to me from Italy, and including 2 that you CANNOT get in North America (bonus!). Still others were graciously donated to me (thanks Holly for my Purple Bull).

But this last month has seen me struggle to get the final 3...the Giraffe from Series 4, the squirrel from the Special Edition set, and the whale from Series 8. I have more double, triples, even quadruples then I know what to do with, so I'm considering setting them up on ebay. We'll see. Anyways, tonight, glory was mine, as after far too many toonies, I caught me a whale. No word of a lie folks! I went whale hunting and caught me my WHALE!

And then they roll out the 9th set on me. Awww crap. Seriously? I thought I had finally caught up and was going to be on top of things, ready to take on the new set...and they put them out before I was ready. Blast Piss Toss Sod the Damn Dog.

Me: More money?
Life: yup.
Me: More frustration?
Life: yup.
Me: More obsession?
Life: yup.
Me: Bring it.


At 12:50 AM, Blogger jette said...

you should totally sell them on ebay! Think of that poor person out there missing the hamster or the ladybug!


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