Monday, July 04, 2005

Webbing my Life

Okay, so it's been like, nearly a year since I started my webpage, and it's only like, a third of the way finished, but today I was struck with an overwhelming urge I guess to get a move on. I know I've only hastily thrown up the Education and Favourites sections, and they need some serious work, but I'd rather have a skeleton up to work with then leave it bare. So here's where the progress stands:
  • The Poetry section is proceeding slowly because my attention span is pretty pathetic and I type up like, 5 or 10 poems and then run off to chase my metaphorical butterflies.
  • I haven't bothered to look for a new counter, though I should.
  • I've not bothered to start my links list, even though I have some idea of what I'd like to link to.
  • Photos, well here, I've run into a pretty huge snag. I'll refer you back to the dead harddrive incident last year, where Rod forgot to transfer over the shared photos from the digital camera, and most were lost. So there's going to be some stalling while I *take* new pictures.
  • My Life Story is unwritten. Besides being an ongoing story, there are a few milestones that need proper tribute, side stories to sort through, pictures, permission, etc.
  • As for the Family Page, I've spent a few hours digging out pictures and dealing with cropping and stuff, and once that's done, I'll get to work on the family tree portion of the page, so in the next few days, I hope to have that section up and running. So stay tuned.

So yeah, there it is, an update on the page. As for on update on my life, well, there's Canada Day (Parade, Bike races [yay Chris], fireworks); The day after (Austin's Birfday, Jette's Whyte pub crawl [lots of drinks, smoke-free bars]); and yesterday (cleaning).

yadda yadda yadda, so on and so forth.


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